“Like we were enemies in a war”

China’s Mass Internment, Torture and Persecution of Muslims in Xinjiang

“Like we were enemies in a war” China’s Mass Internment, Torture and Persecution of Muslims in Xinjiang

Illustrations by Molly Crabapple

Nurmangul Ebey

Assumed Location

Prison, Kucha

Suspected Reasons for Arrest or Detention

Husband working abroad

Official Reason for Arrest or Detention


Last Contact

September 2016

Nurmangul’s husband told Amnesty International that his wife was sent to prison around September 2016 because he was working abroad and could not go back to China when the Chinese authorities asked him to do so. He remembered the last call he received from Nurmangul: “The police called me and said that if you don’t come to Xinjiang, we will detain your wife and kids.” She was taken away just a couple of months after that call. Her husband found out later about her detention through friends still living in China. Despite his numerous attempts to get in touch with the Chinese authorities, he never received information or official documentation about her case. He doubts that there was a fair trial or that she has access to a lawyer of her choice. Nurmangul’s husband, now in Kyrgyzstan, is unable to get in touch with his family in China and is worried for his wife and children. He heard that she is detained in a prison in Kucha, which he describes as “the worst prison in the area”.

Personal Details

Nurmangul’s husband describes her as a great mother, wife and person. Nurmangul was planning to reunite the family and join her husband in Kyrgyzstan, but in the end that was not possible. After he left China to move abroad for work, she lived by herself and took care of their children, Imamhesen Memetrusul and Imamhusen Memetrusul, whose whereabouts are also unknown to him. In 2015, the Chinese authorities reportedly forced her to have an abortion during the seventh month of her pregnancy.
Nurmangul’s husband ended the interview saying: “I want her to be alive, I want to see her again, I want to live with her again, I just want my family with me.”
Other family members believed to be detained include a sister of Nurmangul’s husband and her children.

Date of Birth

30 April 1981




Kargilik, Kashgar province



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